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Ctrl FAQs

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The Basics

What is CarbonPay's mission?

CarbonPay is a climate tech company creating a circular economy where businesses no longer rely on the status quo and are able to understand their impact through our simple, transparent, accessible solutions. We believe that if everyone chooses to make a positive impact, even if seemingly small, it will create a ripple effect of climate action so that not only the planet, but those living on it, are able to thrive.

Who do I contact if I have a question?

We’re here to help. Please email your questions to and one of our team members will be in contact as soon as possible.

What is CarbonPay Ctrl?

CarbonPay Ctrl is the planet’s most impactful payment card for business’ to stay in ctrl of their expenses, environmental impact and climate action. With every $1.50 you spend using your CarbonPay card, we automatically mitigate 1kg of CO2 and help track and mitigate your carbon footprint at no extra cost.

Are you a bank?

No, we’re not a bank. We’re a payment platform that helps track and mitigate your carbon footprint automatically every time you pay. We’ve partnered with the best players in the banking and fintech sector – Visa, Modulr and Stripe.

How much does it cost to join CarbonPay?

First and foremost, we can’t afford not to act. That’s why we’ve made our pricing just as accessible as our signup process. At just $5 per month, per cardholder, our simple and transparent pricing plan scales with the size of any business.

Is CarbonPay secure?

When you pay with us, you can trust that every transaction is mitigating CO2 protected and securely by Visa, Modulr and Stripe: the safest hands in banking and fintech.

Do you charge interest?

There are no interest fees for the CarbonPay Ctrl card.


How can I sign up for a CarbonPay card?

Sign up for CarbonPay Ctrl here in under 5 minutes! After we verify your business’ information, you will be all set to start making an impact.

Who can sign up for a CarbonPay card?

CarbonPay Ctrl is accessible for all businesses of any size who are ready to combat climate change and take responsibility for their carbon footprint!
With no credit checks, interest rates or payment due dates to think about, you can give make climate action in your business, second nature.

What countries can sign up for a CarbonPay card?

Currently, you can sign up for a CarbonPay Ctrl card in the UK & US. We will soon be available in the EU later in 2023. Keep an eye out as we’ll be expanding even further very soon!

Where can I use my CarbonPay card?

You can use the CarbonPay card to purchase anything, anywhere in the world that accepts Visa. The CarbonPay Visa card is accepted at 70m+ merchants in 200+ countries.

Can I use my CarbonPay card abroad?

Yes. We’ll charge you in your local currency at Visa’s daily foreign exchange rate. What’s even better? We don’t add any extra travel fees when you add funds.

Can I add my CarbonPay card to my phone?

If you’re in the US, yes! If you’re in the UK, very soon. Just like a normal bank card, CarbonPay card works with Apple Pay, Google Pay and Android Pay.

What is the difference between a Physical, Digital, and One-Time-Use card?

Virtual cards: Instantly setup and issue an unlimited amount of virtual cards. You can access the details on your dashboard and pay plastic free automatically. What’s more? Give each virtual card an ID to further organize your spend and ctrl your security.

Physical cards: For all those other times when a digital card is not accepted, we still offer the good old traditional physical card to keep in your pocket.

One-Time-Use cards: For the freelancer or employee who needs to make a single purchase instead of maintaining a balance, we have a card for that too. No more petty cash or sharing office payment card details.

Climate Action

How do you mitigate CO2?

We are proud to partner with Climate Impact Partners, SeaTrees and Stripe Climate who are experts at enacting projects that reach far beyond just planting trees. From restoring coastal blue carbon ecosystems, to replacing cookstoves in Ghana with clean, green alternatives to looking into the future at innovative carbon removal technologies that include carbon capture and storage across the globe: our choice of partners means you’re making a real difference to the planet right now, and way into the future.

Will I get charged extra for carbon mitigation?

Nope! Nothing changes when you make a purchase, except climate action going on behind the scenes. With no caps, limits or minimum spend required, the carbon you mitigate with your CarbonPay card is included in the price of your purchase. If your total purchase is $250, it will still cost $250 with CarbonPay.

How can I track the carbon footprint of my transactions?

Track your business’ carbon footprint in comparison to the tonnes you’ve mitigated in real time from your dashboard. Whether it’s for a specific transaction on a month, 3 month or annual scale, break down your impact even further into categories, departments and projects to capture the biggest carbon culprits even further.



Is CarbonPay ethical and sustainable?

We’re committed to creating a sustainable future for our planet and doing so as transparently and ethically as possible.That’s why we’re holding ourselves accountable, too. We’re a pending B Corp and a proud member of 1% for the Planet, meaning that we give at least 1% of our profits to tackling the planet’s most pressing environmental issues and are certified carbon neutral.

Security & Privacy

What do I do if I lose my card?

As soon as you may think you’ve lost your card, login to your dashboard and freeze the card. Contact the Company Admin who can cancel the card and request a replacement for you. If you need further support, you can always contact and one of our team members will reach out as soon as possible.

Where can I find information on the Payment Services Directive?

You can find information about the Payment Services Directive here.

What data does CarbonPay capture?

Our Privacy policy details what data and information is collected and stored.