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We pay so the
planet won’t

Introducing the new way to pay with the
planet’s most impactful business payment card.

The CarbonPay Ctrl card makes everyday
climate action simpler by automatically tracking
& mitigating CO2 with every transaction.

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We pay so the planet won’t

Give your business
expenses a green lining

Business expenses are an inescapable part of business operations, but when you use CarbonPay Ctrl you can analyse, track, and counteract your economic and financial impact.

Transform every transaction into meaningful climate action.

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We automatically mitigate 1kg of CO2 at no extra cost

Powered by:
  • Visa
  • Stripe
Part of:
  • Certified
  • For the planet
Partnered with:
  • Climate impact partners
  • SeaTrees
  • Stripe Climate
Every payment starts a chain reaction

How does CarbonPay Ctrl work?

How does CarbonPay Ctrl work?
You pay for a business expense
How does CarbonPay Ctrl work?
The retailer pays an 'interchange
fee' that is paid to the card issuer
How does CarbonPay Ctrl work?
We use a portion of this fee
to back climate action projects
How does CarbonPay Ctrl work?
We also give 1% of our profit
to 1% for the Planet

Ctrl your world

Ctrl your world

Automatic climate action
Track your impact
Our systems talk to your systems
Upload receipts in a snap
Stay in Ctrl from  your dashboard
Climate action in your pocket
Automatic climate action

Automatically compensate 1kg of CO2 for every $1.50 your team spends, at no extra cost.

Track your impact

Track the carbon footprint of each purchase in real time. Empower your business to understand the environmental impact of your business’ spending behaviour and see what department, project and category has the biggest carbon footprint.

Our systems talk to your systems

Save time and the planet when you sync your business accounting software with Ctrl. Plug in. Sync up. Simple.

Upload receipts in a snap

Streamline your expenses and speed up your expense-management process with digital receipt capture and automated reconciliation.

Stay in Ctrl from your dashboard

See your impact, add funds, create cardholders, allocate cardholder balances, set transaction limits, add departments and projects all from your dashboard. You’re in ctrl.

Climate action in your pocket

Take climate action with you everywhere. Upload receipts on the move, see statements, manage cardholders and cards – everything you can do from your computer, just in the palm of your hand.

A card for every wallet

Give yourself one less thing to remember when you add your cards onto your phone’s digital wallet
A card for every wallet
Virtual cards

Instantly setup and issue unlimited virtual cards, access them on your dashboard and pay plastic free. Give each card an ID to further organize your spend and ctrl your security.

Physical cards

For all those other times when your digital card is not accepted we still offer the good old traditional physical card.

One-time-use cards

For the freelancer or employee who needs to make a single purchase instead of maintaining a balance, we have a card for that too. No more petty cash or sharing office payment card details.

Google Pay
Apple Pay
Dive into the dashboard

Dig in deeper. Explore more of the CarbonPay Ctrl dashboard

My Wallet
Notifications & My Tasks

Capture every corner of your Ctrl account on your dashboard homepage. Track everything from your carbon footprint to your total spend, to your most recent transactions, all in one central spot.


Track your business’ carbon footprint in comparison to the tonnes you’ve mitigated. Break down your impact even further into categories, departments and projects to further capture the biggest carbon culprits.


Save stress and time and remember to upload the receipts from your transactions. Looking for something specific? Narrow your search based on a specified date range, status, or cardholder name and merchant.


As an admin, whether you need to create or add funds to a cardholder, change their details, create and freeze cards or see all those specifics in a snapshot, you can stay in ctrl of all those specifics here.


After your first month of transacting, collect and download all of your past financial and impact statements.

My Wallet

View all the cards linked to your personal account! Set custom IDs to designate specific purposes to your cards and set an email alert to be sent whenever your cardholder balance drops below the specifics entered.

My Wallet
Notifications & My Tasks

Stay in the know through your Notifications and My Tasks. We’ll send you a notification when something has changed to your account and My Tasks will appear when there are actions waiting.

Notifications & My Tasks

We’re backed by a world of expert climate partners

Our choice of partners means you’re making a real
difference to the planet right now, and way into the future.

Climate Impact Partners
Stripe Climate
Access for all elements of your business

Everyone can make an impact

Small or large business, we have you covered!

Everyone can make an impact

Create 1 or multiple admins to manage your account and view your companies total impact

Everyone can make an impact

Head of Department:
Create heads of departments to manage their specific departments spending and impact

Everyone can make an impact

Create individual cardholders and make every employee part of your sustainability journey

Everyone can make an impact

View Only:
For your accountants or other auditors who need access to see the impact you are making

We can’t afford not to act

Good for your business,
even better for the planet

We pride ourselves on being simple and transparent and have made it so that our pricing plan coincides. Scale our platform to your business and add as many or as few people as needed, paying $5 a month per cardholder. With this fee, you gain access to an entirely new sustainable ecosystem.

today and counteract your carbon footprint


Testimonials you can trust:

“At Visa, we are excited to partner with companies like CarbonPay that are innovating new ways to integrate climate action into payments.”

Douglas Sabo
Chief Sustainability Officer

“We are delighted to help CarbonPay deliver climate impact today. We ensure that their carbon offset program supports high-quality projects that deliver real, measured, verified and additional impact. As a result, they and their customers can be confident that they are helping to tackle climate change and at the same time delivering benefits for people and biodiversity.”

James White
Senior Sustainability Executive

“Since its launch in 2021, CarbonPay has been an incredibly active and engaged member of the 1% for the Planet community. Their commitment runs deep, from their partnership with an environmental partner, SeeTrees, to sponsoring and speaking at our 2022 Global Summit—their work inspires other businesses to take action.”

Celine Miranda
Account Manager

Track. Mitigate. Impact.

Sign up now. Climate action in a card.