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The Basics

What is CarbonPay?

We offer a range of payment cards that help make climate action simpler for everyone in their personal and professional lives. When you pay using your CarbonPay card, we’ll help offset your carbon footprint. For every $1.50 your team spends, we offset 1kg of CO2 at no extra cost to your business.

Are you a bank?

No, we’re not a bank. We’re a payment platform that helps you offset your carbon footprint automatically every time you pay. We’ve partnered with the best players in the banking and fintech sector – Visa, Stripe and Modulr.



What's the difference between CarbonPay, CarbonPay Business and CarbonPay Business Ctrl?

CarbonPay is our personal payment card that helps you offset your carbon footprint, so it’s ideal for everyday spending like groceries, filling up your car or your morning cappuccino.


CarbonPay Business is our greener alternative to company credit cards. Our 0% interest charge card is for businesses who want to reduce their emissions and take a simple step towards reaching net zero.


CarbonPay Business Ctrl is our prepaid business card. Simply load funds onto your business account, set individual card limits and get ready to automatically top up your business’s climate action.

How can I sign up for a CarbonPay card?

Join our waitlist now to be the first to hear when they go live and you can sign up.

Who can sign up for a CarbonPay card?

We’re accessible to all individuals and businesses who wants to take responsibility for their carbon footprint and help combat climate change! We offer a range of products from personal cards, prepaid business cards to 0% interest business charge cards.

How much does it cost to join CarbonPay?

We can’t afford not to act. Our simple and transparent pricing plan scales with your business. Add as many or as few people as you need and pay $5/month per cardholder. If you choose to go plastic free, our virutal cards are unlimited and free.


Who do I contact if I have a question?

We’re here to help, so if you have any questions please email support@carbonpay.io.

Climate Action

How do you offset CO2?

We’re partnered with world leading climate experts Climate Impact Partners, SeaTrees and Stripe Climate. By using your CarbonPay card, you support truly world-changing projects, led by our ground-breaking climate action partners. For every $1.50 you spend, we offset 1kg of CO2 at no extra cost.

What is Net Zero?

The SBTi definition states that to reach a state of net-zero emissions for companies consistent with achieving net- zero emissions at the global level in line with societal climate and sustainability goals requires two conditions:


  1. To achieve a scale of value chain emission reductions consistent with the depth of abatement achieved in pathways that limit warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, with no or limited overshoot, and;
  2. To neutralise the impact of any source of residual emissions that remains unfeasible to be eliminated by permanently removing any equivalent amount of atmospheric carbon dioxide
Will I get charged extra for carbon offsetting?

Nope! The carbon you offset with your CarbonPay card is included in the price of your purchase, so there are no additional charges to you. If the purchase comes to $250, you will be charged $250.



How can I track how much CO2 I have offset?

You can track how much CO2 you have offset and the carbon footprint of each transaction in real time from your central dashboard. The carbon footprint tracking is powered by ecolytiq.

Is CarbonPay ethical and sustainable?

We’re committed to creating a sustainable future for our planet. That’s why we’re a pending B Corp, and a proud member of 1% for the Planet which means we give at least 1% of our profits to tackling the planet’s most pressing environmental issues.

Are CarbonPay cards sustainable?

Our physical cards are made from recycled plastic and we offset the carbon footprint for both the manufacturing of the card and shipping.

Is CarbonPay secure?

When you pay with us, you can trust you’re offsetting CO2 with every payment and doing it securely, protected by the safest hands in banking and fintech – Visa, Stripe and Modulr.

Where can I use my card?

You can use the CarbonPay card to purchase anything, anywhere in the world that accepts Visa. The CarbonPay Visa card is accepted at 70m+ merchants in 200+ countries

Can I use my CarbonPay card abroad?

Yes. We’ll charge you in your local currency at Visa’s daily foreign exchange rate. We don’t add any extra travel fees on top.

What countries can sign up for a CarbonPay card?

Currently, you can join the waitlist in the UK, US and Europe. We’ll be expanding even further very soon!



Can I add my CarbonPay card to my phone?

Yes! Just like a normal bank card, CarbonPay card works with Apple Pay, Google Pay and Android Pay.

Do you charge interest?

There are no interest fees for the CarbonPay Business Ctrl card.

For the CarbonPay Business charge card, we give you up to 40 days of interest-free credit. As long as you pay your statement on time within those 40 days, you’ll pay 0% interest.

Manage Account

How do I activate my physical card?

When your physical card arrives, simply go to carbonpay.io/activate You’ll just need to confirm a few details then you’re all set to offset!

How do I manage my account?

Track and manage your personal account or business team’s spending, and see your carbon offsetting in real time by logging in to your personalised dashboard.

How do I manage, add or remove team members from my business account?

You can view, add, remove and manage your team, their spending limits and more by logging into your CarbonPay Business account and clicking on the settings/users tab.

How do I order a replacement card?

You can order a replacement card by logging into your personal dashboard and clicking the cards tab. If you need a hand, please email support@carbonpay.io.

How do I change my credit limit?

If you have the CarbonPay Business charge card, you can request an increase to your spending limit in your dashboard.

How do you decide my credit limit?

We use a number of data points to calculate what credit limit we can offer you. If you want to request more, you can apply from your dashboard. *Only relevant for CarbonPay Business charge card.

How do I pay my statement balance?

When you join CarbonPay Business, we’ll ask you to set up a direct debit to save you a bit of life admin. We’ll automatically collect your balance on the billing statement we tell you when you join up, so just make sure you have enough to cover your direct debit in your linked bank account for then. (You can also make manual payments in your dashboard at any time.)

What do I do if my CarbonPay card gets declined?

First, check your dashboard to make sure you’re within your spending limit. If you have a CarbonPay Business or CarbonPay Business Ctrl card, you might need to contact the person who manages your company’s finances. If you still need help, email our support team at support@carbonpay.io.

Security & Privacy

Where can I find information on the Payment Services Directive?

You can find information about the Payment Services Directive here.

Where can I find Terms and Conditions and Privacy policy?

You can find all our policies here:

Terms and conditions
Privacy policy

What data does CarbonPay capture?

You can check what data and information we collect and store here.

Where is my money held?

For all GBP deposits your money is held with Barclays. For USD deposits your money is held with Evolve Bank & Trust.