Get one step closer to net zero.

The planet's most impactful business payment cards

Meet the business payment cards that automatically help offset your company's carbon footprint, every time your team pays. For each $1.50 you spend, we offset 1kg of CO2 at no extra cost to you. No strings. No offsetting caps. No minimum spend.

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For every $1.50 you spend, we offset 1kg of CO2 at no extra cost.
Business prepaid cards.

Top up your company’s climate action.

Taking control of your business expenses and climate action just clicks with prepaid CarbonPay Business Ctrl cards. Simply load funds onto your business account and set individual card limits for your team. With no credit involved, there’s no credit checks, interest rates or payment-due dates to think about. Just top up from your dashboard as and when you need to, and offset as you go.

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Interest-free business charge cards.

Reach net zero with 0% interest

Automatically help offset your business’s carbon footprint, reduce monthly admin and simplify your expense process with up to 40 days of interest-free credit for your whole team. Choose custom spending limits, set up a monthly direct debit and know your team is automatically taking steps towards net zero.

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Unlimited cards, unlimited offsetting.

$5 a month per cardholder.

Our simple and transparent pricing plan scales with your business. Add as many or as few people as you need and pay $5/month per cardholder.

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Smart features.

Climate action that works for your business.

Offset CO2 automatically

Boost your company’s green goals and help make a positive impact on the planet with our certified climate action partners. For every $1.50 you spend, we offset 1kg of CO2.

Track your impact
Easy expense management

Speed up your expense-management process with digital receipt capture and automated reconciliation.

Integrated accounts

Keep extra admin out of the equation when you sync CarbonPay Business or CarbonPay Business Ctrl with your current accounting software.

Central dashboard

View, manage and freeze cards in just a few clicks. Set and control spending for individuals or whole departments with custom spending limits.

Pay internationally

Help protect the planet when you do business anywhere in the world that accepts Visa. That’s with around 70m merchants in 200+ countries at our last count.

Interest-free credit

Get up to 40 days’ interest-free credit. Available with CarbonPay Business.

Perks for the planet

Investing in new tech, covering an employee’s eyecare, or bringing brainstorm snacks? Offset up to five times more CO2 than our standard promise when you buy from thousands of brands.

Card types.

A card for every wallet.

Physical cards

Made from recycled plastic, our climate action cards are green in more ways than one. Add individual cardholders for just $5/month per person.

Digital cards

Give yourself one thing less to remember by loading your CarbonPay Business card to your phone’s wallet.

Lodge cards

Set up lodge cards with your business’s favourite restaurants, hotels, stations, airports and anywhere else your team regularly spends. A bit like having a tab.

Virtual cards

Someone off to a conference, topping up the office coffee, or renewing a subscription? Instantly set up and issue unlimited virtual cards for free from your dashboard.

Compare cards.

Find your greener way to pay.

CarbonPay Business Ctrl
CarbonPay Business Ctrl
Business prepaid card
CarbonPay Business
CarbonPay Business
Business charge card
  • Automatically offset CO2
  • Carbon footprint tracking
  • Integrated accounting
  • Expense management
  • Physical cards
  • Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Unlimited free virtual cards
  • Lodge cards
  • Global payments
  • 0% interest credit
  • Personal spending
  • Online dashboard

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Business prepaid card
Business prepaid card
Business charge card
Business charge card